Sentiment Analysis of West Java International Airport (Bijb) Kertajati on Twitter

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Oka Intan
Sri Widiyanesti


The rapid development of technology allows everything to accessed by the internet that causes many users of social media and one of the social media is Twitter. An interesting topic to discuss on Twitter is about new and fresh things that attract many users to get involved. One of the things that attract Twitter users is the construction of a new airport, namely Kertajati Airport, which has some problems with airport activities, such as the small number of visitors, lonely conditions of the airport, and decreased number of routes. This study aims to find out Twitter user sentiments towards Kertajati Airport in West Java to know the quality of Kertajati Airport. The method used in this study is sentiment analysis by looking at the calculation of how many positive and negative sentiment have been obtained with the most result so it can reflect the quality of Kertajati Airport and then there is a word cloud to see the spread of word related to sentiment. The results of this study indicate that the quality of the Kertajati Airport cannot be said to be good because the results of the sentiment analysis found that negative sentiments have more percentages than positive sentiments

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