Dear reader, Almana: Jurnal Manajemen dan Bisnis Volume 5, No. 2/ August 2021 has appeared before you, consisting of 20 journals with a total of 170 pages. There are various topics presented in this edition. Maybe the diversity of these topics results in the concentration of discussion, but as a venue for ideas and scientific writing skills, still able to make a positive contribution. Hopefully, Almana : Jurnal Manajemen dan Bisnis can provide information and invite further deduction from readers as well so that the Almana Journal can be a discourse to increase the ability to think scientifically.

Published: 2021-08-16

Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Market Orientation to MSMES Performance

Sarah Nurlaeli Tanzil, Erry Sunarya, Dicky Jhoansyah


Analysis of Hotel Visitor Reviews using LDA-Based Topic Modeling Method

Bunga Aisyah Ravissangeta Yansari, Nurvita Trianasari


Switching Barrier Effect on Millennial Customer Retention through the Mediation of Brand Trust

Agung Novianto Margarena, Nurhidayani Nurhidayani, Amanda Yuliana, Agung Budiarto


Measuring Brand Emotional in Increasing Brand Loyalty

Anita Yuliana, Asep Muhamad Ramdan, Acep Samsudin


Analysis of Net Interest Margin (NIM) and Return on Assets (ROA)

Ajeng Ayu Wardhani Putri, Nor Norisanti, Faizal Mulia Z


The Financial Ratio Analysis in Predicting the Conditions of Financial Distress

Meilinda Dwi Astuti, Sri Hermuningsih, Alfiatul Maulida


Celebrity Endorsement and Content Instamarketing of Purchase Intention Beauty Products

Meilisya Nurfazzar Abdurohim, Kokom Komariah, R Deni Muhammad Danial


The Influence of Return on Assets and Debt to Equity Ratio on Company Value

Dinna Charisma, Ari Bramasto, Olivia Ardan Ameswari