Author Guidelines

 Here are author guidelines for JASa: Jurnal Akuntansi, Audit dan Sistem Informasi Akuntansi:

  1. The manuscript must be in accordance with the focus, scope, and in accordance with the Almana template, fill in the full and correct English text using the Grammarly tool.
  2. The article contains the background and purpose of research, related studies, methods, results and discussion, conclusions, and reference lists.
  3. The journal is created using the Docx format (Ms. Word). Journal has written a maximum of 15 pages. Then you can send it on the Almana Website through the Almana journal address at the following link:


           (Register first, log in then).

               When registering just tick:

  • Yes, I agree to have my data collected and stored according to the privacy statement.
  • Yes, I would like to be notified of new publications and announcements.

           After that, click add new submission and complete the submission process according to the next 


  1. The format for receiving journals must follow the following format:
  • Title: 11 font sizes, Center, Bold, UPPERCASE
  • Author's name: 11 font sizes, Center, Bold
  • Affiliation and email: 11 font sizes, Center
  • Text content: 11 font sizes, justify
  • Abstract: 11 font sizes, justify
  • Image captions: 10 font sizes, center, Bold.
  • Table description: 10 font sizes, center, Bold.
  • Table contents: 10 font sizes
  • Reference: 11 font sizes, justify.
  • Space: 1.0
  • Margin:
    • Left: 3 cm.
    • Right: 3 cm.
    • Above: 3 cm.
    • Bottom: 3 cm.

                 This introduction is written with only one chapter, without additional titles. All texts in articles are  
           written in essays.

  1. Existing tables or figures are presented with explanations. Writing numbers and the title of the table is placed above the table, while the number and title of the image are placed below the picture. Complete the existing tables and figures with the source below each table/figure.  The images listed can be seen clearly in both text and images. If the table/figure has a large display, then it is included in 1 page (1 column).
  2. The bibliography is written using the Mendeley application, with the APA style citation system, Arial letters, 11 font sizes, justify and 1.0 spaced. The bibliography is arranged alphabetically.